A reading of unpublished material

Im Land des Apfelbaums_rechtsOn 13 May at 8 p.m. a reading will be held in the Charlottenburg bookshop Autorenbuchhandlung. The reading will consist in part of a presentation by Juliane Maria Lorenz and the actor Patrick Güldenberg from Berlin’s Volksbühne theater of unpublished texts by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In addition there will be readings from Im Land des Apfelbaums: Gedichte und Prosa aus den Kölner Jahren 1962/63 (In the Land of the Apple Tree: Poems and Prose from the Cologne Years), which has recently been reissued by the publishers Schirmer/Mosel. The event is seen as helping to mark this anniversary year: on 31 May Fassbinder would have turned 70. The historical significance of the Autorenbuchhandlung makes it a particularly appropriate choice of venue for this event. Established in 1976, its mission was to provide a sophisticated alternative to the large-scale book retail outlets that were increasing dominating the market at the time. Its founders maintained and still maintain the conviction that literature should not be treated as a mass commodity but should rather be accorded its deserved status as an art form.

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Reading on Wednesday, 13 May at 8 p.m.
With Juliane Maria Lorenz and Patrick Güldenberg
Tickets: 8 Euros

autorenbuchhandlung berlin at S-Bahnhof Savignyplatz
Else-Ury-Bogen 599–600
10623 Berlin
Telephone 030 / 313 01 51

Autorenbuchhandlung Website

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Photo left: Juliane Lorenz, © Elfi Mikesch/RWFF
Photo right: © Schirmer/Mosel