Postparadise Fassbinder Now – theater festival marks 30th anniversary of RWF’s death

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International productions in the Residenztheater’s Marstall building in Munich

In this commemorative year of 2012, the Residenztheater is setting a major milestone in the city where everything began for RWF with the Action Theater and later the antiteater ensemble. In March and April, an international festival will bring together a range of European theater directors providing new and unusual perspectives on works by Fassbinder. The festival will open with a production of The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant by the Austrian director Martin Kušej, which will be followed by the Czech director Dušan David Pařizek’s staging of Der Müll, die Stadt und der Tod (Trash, the City and Death), a production already performed in Prague in 2011. In addition, Fabrizio Arcuri from Italy will present Blut am Hals der Katze (Blood on the Cat’s Neck). The program continues in April with Martin Kušej’s production of Veronika Voss and Anja Sczilinski’s production of Katzelmacher. A long weekend of film screenings, readings and discussions devoted to Rainer Werner Fassbinder is also being held on March 23-25 under the title of “Fassbinder still alive.” Guests will include former RWF collaborators and associates as well as scholars specializing in Fassbinder’s work for the theater.

March 23
Fassbinder still alive
A screening of Christoph Schlingensief’s film DIE 120 TAGE VON BOTTROP (The 120 Days of Bottrop) will be followed by a discussion of Fassbinder’s influence on theater-makers today. Participants will include Karlheinz Braun, co-founder of Verlag der Autoren and long-time editor and publisher of Fassbinder’s work.

March 24

Fassbinder still alive – PRODUCTION
A lecture by Michael Töteberg entitled “antiteater or: ‘Dissecting everything into its individual parts and reconstructing it must be wonderful’” will be followed by a distinguished panel discussion on the theme of “Fassbinder’s ‘Family’: collective art production in theater and film.” Participants include: Hanna Schygulla, Irm Hermann, Juliane Lorenz, Michael Töteberg and Claudia Blank, Director of the German Theater Museum Munich. The discussion will be followed by a screening of BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE (1970).

March 25
Fassbinder still alive – TRANSFORMATION
A screening of Radu Gabrea’s EIN MANN WIE EVA (A Man Like Eva, 1984) will be followed by a discussion with the lead actor Eva Mattes and Michael Töteberg on the question of “What it means to be an ‘other’.”

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Photo left: Bibiana Beglau als Petra von Kant © Hans Jörg Michel / Residenztheater
Photo right: Bibiana Beglau und Andrea Wenzl als Karin Timm © Hans Jörg Michel / Residenztheater