Publications on Rainer Werner Fassbinder 30 years after his death

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As the thirtieth year since RWF’s death, 2012 is of course also seeing a number of publications devoted to his life and work. Here we would like to provide you with a brief overview of books coming out this year.

1.”Rainer Werner Fassbinder – Theater als Provokation” by David Barnett (translated by Sabine Bayerl) is based on the 2005 English edition “Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the German Theatre” and has just been brought out by Henschel Verlag. Published to coincide with the exhibition of the same name, this German edition has been updated and expanded. It includes numerous reproductions of original documents from the RWF Foundation’s Archive and a foreword by Hanna Schygulla.


2. The monograph “Rainer Werner Fassbinder” by Thomas Elsaesser is regarded as a standard work in the field and has been translated into several languages. It was first published in English in 1996 under the title “Fassbinder’s Germany: History, Identity, Subject.” It was translated into German by Ulrich Kriest in 2001 and published by Bertz + Fischer Verlag, which also brought out this new edition in June 2012. Along with a new introduction, this expanded edition includes some updates for example on WELT AM DRAHT (World on a Wire). In addition, the more than 500-page work has been given a complete facelift and is now illustrated with high-quality DVD screenshots. Already extremely comprehensive in its scope, the bibliography has been completely updated.


3. The book of interviews by Juliane Lorenz entitled “Das ganz normale Chaos” (Chaos as usual) was first published in 1995 and a new, expanded edition is being brought out in 2012 by Henschel Verlag. The new edition includes an extensive interview with Karlheinz Braun, the cofounder of Fassbinder’s former publisher Verlag der Autoren (VdA), and an interview from 2006 with Fassbinder‘s father Helmuth Fassbinder. The book will be available from the month of June.


4. “A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder” edited by Brigitte Peucker, who teaches German literature and film at Yale University, is a scholarly work published by Wiley-Blackwell. The chapter “Life and Work” includes the essay “The Other Planet Fassbinder” by Juliane Lorenz. This comprehensive compendium also includes contributions by, among others, Thomas Elsaesser, Leo A. Lensing and Eric Rentschler. Go to Extracts.


5. “Ein Tag ist ein Jahr ist ein Leben: Rainer Werner Fassbinder” (A Day is a Year is a Life: Rainer Werner Fassbinder) by Jürgen Trimborn was published in March 2012 by Propyläen Verlag. This 464-page biography draws on existing works on the life and work of RWF.

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A Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder edited by Brigitte Peucher
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by Sonja M. Schultz
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