Barbara Valentin in WORLD ON A WIRE
Link to the Petition.

Carlotta Films
Home page of French distributor and DVD label with many Fassbinder films in its slate.

Centre Pompidou
From 13 April to 6 June 2005, the Centre Pompidou presented a complete retrospective of his films, together with an exhibition, a publication, and an international symposium.

Small, highly ambitious San Francisco-based DVD label with four Fassbinder titles so far.
German film data base.

François Ozon
Official website of French director François Ozon (WATER DROPS ON BURNING ROCKS).

Goethe Institut
Goethe Institut page on Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Jim’s Reviews / Fassbinder
Excellent private Fassbinder website. Check it out!

The Museum of Modern Art is occasionally presenting Films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder in the USA.

Home page of German distributor and world sales company Studiocanal.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder: El genio alemán
Página web dedicada al cineasta. “Esta página web nace de un acto de amor: Rainer, te adoro” (Rafael Morata Cantón, autor de esta página).

Senses of Cinema: Fassbinder
Excellent essay by Joe Ruffell.

The Criterion Collection
The famous New York-based DVD label has four Fassbinder films in its collection.

Verlag der Autoren
This publishing house owns the international rights to Fassbinder’s plays and writings.