Premiere of “Je suis Fassbinder”

JesuisFassbinderBildOn 4 March Falk Richter’s “Je suis Fassbinder” is premiering at the National Theater of Strasbourg. The play is based on the episode contributed by Fassbinder to the film GERMANY IN AUTUMN, which deals with the hysterical atmosphere in West Germany during the period of RAF terrorism. Following his controversial production “Fear,” in which Richter explored the racism-charged climate in Germany, the playwright and director’s new production imagines how Fassbinder would have seen the exceptional political situation currently prevailing in Europe. More detailed information about the production, which runs until 19 March, is not yet available because, according to Richter, even a few days before the premiere work on the piece is still going on. However there has already been a change in the cast, with Emmanuelle Béart being replaced by Judith Henry. The theater’s artistic director and co-director of the production, Stanislas Nordey, will be playing the role of Fassbinder. After its run in Strasbourg, the production will move on to Grenoble, Rennes, Lausanne and Paris. “Je suis Fassbinder” will be performed in the French capital at the Théâtre National de la Colline between 10 May and 4 June.

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