Filme von Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte
(Beware of a Holy Whore)

In a hotel near the sea, a film team awaits the arrival of the director, the star, the money supplied by the state-supported film agency and the film material. The atmosphere is a mix of hysteria, apathy, hope, quarrelling, jealousy, affairs. When the director (Lou Castel) arrives with the star (Eddie Constantine) the former is placed at the center of the chaos. Changing couples and groups. The production manager (Fassbinder) attempts to get the shooting organized in an authoritarian manner. Eddie who looks like a fossil from long forgotten times in comparison to the others, gets close to the actress Hanna (Hanna Schygulla). Jeff explains the staging of the next scenes. In senseless actions, the entire team – by now they feel increasingly dependent on Jeff – rebels against him. Jeff gets beaten up. But finally, the shooting of the film can begin.

R.W.F. Werkschau

Verleih (D)

1970/ 71
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Michael Ballhaus
Peer Raben
Franz Walsch
Kurt Raab
Lou Castel (Jeff, Director Eddie Constantine (Eddie Constantine) Hanna Schygulla (Hanna, Actress) Marquard Bohm (Ricky, Actor) Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Sascha, Production Manager) Ulli Lommel (Korbinian, Unit Manager) Katrin Schaake (Scriptgirl) Benjamin Lev (Candy, Spanish Unit Manager) Monika Teuber (Billie, Make-up Artist) Margarethe von Trotta (Babs, Secretary of the Production) Gianni Di Luigi (Cameraman) Rudolf Waldemar Brem (Chief Electrician) Herb Andress (Mark, Coach) Thomas Schieder (Jesus, Grip) Kurt Raab (Fred, Art Director) Hannes Fuchs (David) Marcella Michelangeli (Margret) Ingrid Caven (Renate, Extra) Harry Baer (her husband) Magdalena Montezuma (Irm) Werner Schroeter (Deiters, Photographer) Karl Scheydt (Manfred) Tanja Constantine (Linda) Mario Novelli (Garcia) Enzo Monteduro (Manoli) Achmed Ben Em Bark (Prop Man) Michael Fengler (Spencer) Burghard Schlicht (Peter) Dick Randall (Head Porter) Peter Berling (Mandig) Tony Bianchi (Blanco) Gianni Javarone (Bill) Peter Gauhe (journalist) Rossano Brazzi (party guest) Renato Dei Laudadio Marcello Zucche
antiteater-X-Film / Nova International, Rom
35 mm, color, 103 min.