Thea Eymèsz dies

Foto RechtsThis year, 18 September was marked by the death of film editor Thea Eymèsz, who was known above all for her participation in numerous films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Her career in film began in the early 1960s in the animation studios of Bavaria film, and she went on to edit numerous reportages and industry films. In 1968 she met Peer Raben by chance. When Raben later mixed up the film reels of GODS OF THE PLAGUE during postproduction, it was Eymèsz who stepped in, restoring order and restructuring the film. Fassbinder was highly impressed by her achievement and, as a result, the two entered into a long and fruitful collaboration. It produced 15 films, including such diverse works as BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE, FEAR EATS THE SOUL and SATAN’S BREW.

Along with these collaborations, Eymèsz also left her mark on the German film and television landscape in other projects. She not only worked with well-known directors such as Hanns Christian Müller, Uli Lommel and Helmut Dietl but also proved herself flexible in dealing with different formats. This is witnessed by her work for television and her openness to documentary cinema – for example, she edited several films for the renowned director Erwin Leiser (FEUERPROBE (The Ordeal) – NOVEMBER POGROM 1938). Her final work as an editor, on Shazbaz Noshir’ s ANGST ISST SEELE AUF (Fear Eats Souls), reconnected her once again with one of her most successful projects with Fassbinder.

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